El Development and Gao Xiu Hua submit top bids for Slim Barracks Rise GLS sites

The offer for the 99 yr lease term sites was introduced on 15Jun beneath the Confirmed Listing of the initial six months ’21 GLS process.

El Dvlpmt proposed the number one offer of $3hundred 20 point 1 mil or $1.246K psf per PR for Parcel A, that reaches 7,957.3 square metres. The plot owns a max gross floor area of Twenty Three thousand Eight hundred Seventy Two square m also can provide 2hundred 65 real estate units with a retail limit of Eight hundred square m in gross floor area.

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“The high tender was actually just 1.3 percent higher than the next greatest tender from Gao Xiu Hua, that got the bid for Land B,” spoke CBRE’s Head of Research for Southeast Asia Tricia Song.

Gao Xiu Hua, that is assumed to be the spouse of the Chairman of Kingsford Development, handed in the highest bid for Plot B at $1hundred 62 point 4 mil or $1.21K psf per plot ratio. This number one price was 2.4 % more than the 2nd greatest offer from TID Residence.

Spanning 5,936.6 sq metre, the site has a total gross floor area of Twelve thousand Four hundred Sixty Seven sq meter and could easily yield One hundred Forty nonpublic residential properties along with a commercial cap of 4hundred sq metre in gross floor area.

“Plot A’s property charge is more than Parcel B’s, probably due to Parcel A’s nearer proximity to the Buona Vista MRT station,” Song further mentioned.

She accredited the good attention for the sites to its “comparatively enjoyable measurements, the developing catchment at the advancing one-north R&D organization core, plus restricted brand new property quantity around”.

The plots surpassed a past house plot at Slim Barracks Rise, that received a number one proposal of $1,001 per square ft per plot ratio during the end of its tender in Sept2019.

It was subsequently developed into One-north Eden, the units of that were advertised at a median cost of $Two thousand Nine per square ft, claimed Song.

For the two sites, Song forecasts the projects for being offered at exceeding $Two thousand One hundred psf when commenced.

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